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Packaging Solutions


Stick Packs

JJM can provide you with custom recommendations for your product based on our large assortment of stick packaging solutions. We offer a wide range of raw packaging materials to meet your needs, including clear or printed flexible stick packaging film, printed retail folding cartons, inner cartons, bags, and displays. 


Why go with stick packs?

Stick packs are long, skinny pouches made of paper or plastic and sealed on two short ends. They are ideal for packaging popular food items like sugar substitutes, diet drink mixes, energy drinks, and vitamin waters.

Super Convenient

The narrow shape of a stick pack makes it easy to pour out its perfectly proportioned contents into the small neck of a water bottle.


Their high speed of production, low per-item cost, and small size make stick packs a very economical and efficient form of food packaging.

Environmentally Friendly

Smaller than other forms of sugar or portion packs, stick packs are a more sustainable packaging option.

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