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Packaging Solutions



JJM Packaging has the solution for your hot drink packaging needs. Our complete manufacturing line can package any hot beverage or health supplement in a K-Cup format compatible with all Keurig© brewing systems including the 2.0.


Our advanced grinding and packaging machinery de-nests containers, installs filter material, fills in a 1up, 4up, or 8up configuration, and seals.

Designed For You

Your K-cups are fully customizable, and we make sure the final product looks elegant and professional.

Made From The Best

We use high quality, FDA approved materials to provide you with excellent results every time.

Tons of Options

We offer 12 and 24-cup cartons, bulk case packing, or bulk bagging. All are ready to palletize and ship straight to you.

Choosing JJM Packaging as your package manufacturer grants you access to a multitude of cost-effective options to customize your packaging exactly as you want it.

Please, no solicitation.
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