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JJM sources materials and raw ingredients that you can feel good about.

Material Sourcing

Our dedicated team members are experts at procuring the ingredients and materials needed to both create and package your product in accordance with strict commercial regulations. We welcome the challenge of finding new sources to meet unique material standards. There’s hardly anything that hasn’t been thrown our way! 


JJM’s sourcing packaging materials are recognized as some of the finest in the industry.

We take the time to thoroughly investigate, evaluate, and interact with our material suppliers to ensure that your packaging is made from the materials that best suit your needs.

Our Sourcing Process

We work with you to figure out the exact materials that are right for your product, no matter the specification. There are a multitude of unique specifications your product may require, and we are equipped to handle all of them.


After spending time learning about your product and its packaging needs, we begin the process of researching and contacting material suppliers to find exactly what you need. Sometimes finding the right supplier is easy, but we won’t settle for less than the best.

During the sourcing process, you can stay focused on your business with the knowledge that your product is in qualified hands.


Armenia Coffee Corporation

 with 65 years of experience lends
its capability for the purposes
of procuring JJM’s raw materials

when needed.


Additional benefits of sourcing with JJM

JJM strives to improve the standardization of your business processes by targeting your expenditures on the right suppliers. Our industry-neutral packaging team works with industries all over the world, so our sourcing capabilities have few limitations.

Our in-house experts are ready and able to help you choose the best materials for your product. We will work to turn your vision into a reality while fitting your budget and meeting all commercial requirements.

Please, no solicitation.
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