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Product Development

At JJM we continue to discover new ways to deliver the best quality products and service. We have combined our industry knowledge and experience to push the edge of innovation. We strive to deliver new products, concepts, and techniques to help our client’s brands achieve success and dominate the industry.


JJM has a patent pending technology designed to utilize a K-Cup as vehicle to deliver ingredients aimed at health and wellness.  This technology lends itself to adding any soluble ingredient to a standard ground coffee K-Cup.  

Given people’s routine connection with coffee, we believe that this vehicle is perfect for delivering many of the wellness ingredients that need to be consumed on a regular basis to show real efficacy i.e., hydration, immune, sleep, and greens.  We could source and blend the ingredients needed for these healthy lifestyle support products but more importantly have a broad scope of packaging technologies that allows you to choose the package size and type that best suits each product – stick packs, large and small sachets, bulk fill pouches, etc.

Double Chamber K-Cup

Double Chamber K-Cup Technology


  • Allows for real ground coffee + creamer and/or sugar, flavoring, vitamins and minerals all in the same K-Cup.


Creamer, supplements, and flavoring powders placed in the lower chamber dissolve into freshly brewed coffee as they pass through.

Patent Pending, JJM

  • Precise individual dosing of coffee and added ingredient mix.

can provide the most effective way to deliver your ingredients while using fresh coffee and tea. 

  • Air-tight seal keeps out oxygen, light, and humidity while locking in freshness

  • Pressurized hot water flows through the coffee grinds

  • Ideal grind and measure of coffee

  • Internal filter assures maximum flavor extraction

  • Superior solubility of added ingredient mix

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