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Packaging Solutions



Keeping your product presentable and professional for the end customer is our priority. We offer various secondary packaging solutions like cartons and pouches to keep your product safe and intact as it is handled and transported. 


The best secondary packaging will protect your product during shipping without breaking the bank.

JJM Packaging guarantees both.

Secondary-JJM Boxes-72dpi.png

The central functions of secondary packaging

Branding and Display

Packaging presentation plays a key role in your product marketing strategy, especially for products headed for display shelves. We will work with you to design eye-catching secondary packaging that represents your brand.


Grouping products together in secondary packaging makes handling, transport, and storage much simpler. Our secondary packaging can contain relatively large volumes of primary packaged products and transport the products to their final destination safely in their original condition.


JJM offers various secondary packaging options, including cartons and pouches. All of our secondary packaging options will ensure your products are safely handled and transported and presented professionally for the end customer.

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